HBG - தமிழ் LIVE

5 Days LIVE Session with Growth Action Plan!
Batch 15 - தமிழ்- 15th Nov to 19th Nov (Mon to Fri)
01 Day

Day - 1 "The Growth Mindset"

🚀 The Management Mindset
🚀The Value Proposition Mindset
✅மதிப்பு முன்மொழிவு
🚀The Money Mindset
🚀Anatomy of a Successful Business
✅ஒரு வெற்றிகரமான வணிகம்

Day - 2 "Financial Excellence"

🚀Profits Per Measure
🚀The New Age P&L        
✅புதிய P&L          
🚀It's all about the Numbers        
✅எண்களின் விளையாட்டு        
✅வாழ்நாள் மதிப்பு        
🚀Premium Business        
✅பிரீமியம் வர்த்தகம்

Day - 3 "Marketing Excellence"

 🚀Social Media Domination
✅சமூக ஊடக ஆதிக்கம்        
🚀B2B & B2C Strategies        
🚀Sales Funnel        
✅விற்பனை புனல்        
🚀Organic Traffic Building        
🚀FB Ads - 101        
✅விளம்பரங்கள் 101

Day-4 HR & Operational Excellence

🚀Emotional Intelligence
✅உணர்வுசார் நுண்ணறிவு        
🚀KPI - 101        
✅கே.பி.ஐ - 101        
🚀Visionary Leadership         ✅தொலைநோக்குத் தலைமை        
🚀Organization Culture        
✅வேலை கலாச்சாரம்        
🚀Business Dashboards  - 101        
 ✅வணிக டாஷ்போர்டுகள் - 101

Day - 5 Holistic Growth Psychology

🚀360 Degree Holistic Growth
✅360 டிகிரி முழுமையான வளர்ச்சி        
🚀Business in Auto-Pilot Mode        
✅ஆட்டோ பைலட் பயன்முறையில் வணிகம்         🚀Exponential & Systematic Growth         ✅அதிவேக மற்றும் முறையான வளர்ச்சி        
🚀100 Days Growth Action Plan        
✅100 நாட்கள் வளர்ச்சி செயல் திட்டம்


Power Packed Program

Sessions will go on till 8 AM and some days till 8.30 AM

  • 🚀15th Nov, Mon l ✅ 7 AM Onwards
  • 🚀16th Nov, Tue l ✅ 7 AM Onwards
  • 🚀17th Nov, Wed l ✅ 7 AM Onwards
  • 🚀18th Nov, Thur l ✅ 7 AM Onwards
  • 🚀19th Nov, Fri l ✅ 7 AM Onwards

High Value Content

Action Driven Modules

*Sessions, Discussions, Q&A, Task Sheets and  More

  • 🚀5 Days LIVE Training (Value 9999)
  • 🚀100 Hacks E Book (Value 799)
  • 🚀Bonus-Execution Sheets (Value 999)
  • 🚀Surprise Course Gift (Value 2499)
  • Limited time deal at 499 Only (14295 Value) 

James Vineeth

James Vineeth coaches Entrepreneurs and CXOs on Scaling-Up, Visionary Leadership, Building Social Influence, High Ticket Sales, Personal Excellence, Growth Hacking & Self Mastery through practical tools from Management, Psychology and his own Wisdom Insights Evolved from a Rich R&D of 15+ Years and a wide Exposure of Coaching 125+ Categories and Segments of Companies across different Countries!

People love to learn from his courses because it is simple enough to practice and deep enough to produce results. He connects so well with the audience and delivers high impact, action driven Power Talks.

Through his Sessions and Workshops, James has trained and Coached Lakhs of people on Mastering the aspects of Growing to the Next Level. His Purpose and Mission in life is to not only help everyone to Dream; But to help them follow their Dreams!



John Smith


Highly Recommended Program. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

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