CRM Implementation Workshop
The Growth Meet Up - DUBAI

12th June 2024, The Reserve, Near Al Qiyadah, Diera

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06 Days

Connect, Learn, and Grow with the Right People!

Welcome to the GFI Growth Conference, where business owners gather to unlock their full potential and propel their organizations to new heights. Join us for an immersive and impactful evening designed to inspire, educate, and connect entrepreneurs from diverse industries. Whether you're a seasoned business owner or just building the right systems, the Growth Meet ups are packed with powerful sessions, interactive workshops, networking opportunities, and more to help you thrive in today's competitive business landscape.

GFI is a dynamic and forward-thinking organization dedicated to supporting businesses in their growth journey. With years of industry experience, we understand the challenges and opportunities that entrepreneurs face. Our mission is to provide valuable resources, expertise, and networking platforms that enable business owners to achieve sustainable growth and success.

CRM Implementation

🚀 Scratch to Scale!

🚀 Train your Team

🚀 Lead Nurturing

🚀 Leads to Deals Journey

Digital Strategy

 🚀 Lead Scoring

🚀 Digital Automation

🚀 Build Sales Funnel

🚀 Grow your Pipeline

Networking Opportunities:

Connect and engage with like-minded business owners, industry influencers, and potential collaborators. Take advantage of dedicated networking sessions to foster meaningful relationships and explore new business opportunities.

Powerful Sessions

Dive deep into key topics such as leadership, marketing, innovation, financial management, and more. Our expert speakers will provide valuable knowledge and strategies to help you overcome obstacles and drive business growth.

Growth Meet Up

In Person Meet Up

  •  🚀12th June 2024 l ✅ Evening Event
  •                      🚀 7 PM l ✅  Networking Tea
  •                  🚀 7.30 PM l ✅ Workshop Start
  •                               🚀 8.30 PM l ✅ Workshop Close + Q&A
  •   🚀Action Content l ✅ High Practical

High Value Event

Meaningful Connections

  • 🚀 The RESERVE Events
  • 🚀 RKM Building
  • 🚀 Near Al Qiyadah Metro, Diera
  • 🚀 Program Value AED 99
  • *Early Bird at AED 49



06 Days