GFI Growth Foundation International

Entrepreneur Ecosystem for #skyrocketinggrowth

What is not GFI?

GFI is not a Referral Organisation

GFI is not a Learning only Organisation

GFI is not a Promotional Platform

What is GFI?

GFI is an Ecosystem of Entrepreneurs coming together to Learn, Share and Support each other to become a
System Driven
Sustainable &
Scalable Business!

GFI School of Thought

Biz in Auto-Pilot Mode

Great Entrepreneurs do not firefight. They run their Business in Auto Pilot Mode

Vision Matters

Great Companies are driven by Vision and Systems.

Learning is Key

Learning Never Stops for Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial Mastery

Business Evolves when the Entrepreneur Grows from Circle of Awareness to Circle of Mastery.

GFI Core Principles

Visionary Leadership

Business Vision to be made Clear to everyone in their Organization and Vision casting sessions are conducted periodically. Ensures people are touched moved and inspired by the Vision of the Organization.

Talk Numbers

The GFI Entrepreneurs Play the Number Game like a Pro. KPI is implemented and reviewed, Budgets are tracked and Business Ratios are Monitored.


A bare minimum of 30 Mins a Day - 5 Days a Week Health routine is followed. Family Health Cover, Life Term Cover and an Annual Health check-up is in place. Healthy You = Wealthy Business.


A tithing goal as per the Entrepreneurs’ framework such as sharing of revenue towards Charity from Business Growth in desired areas.

Great at Mindset

Mindset is everything!
At GFI , we empower Entrepreneurs  to build  the right Mindset before they can adapt to the new Changes in the marketplace. You can't run a new software on an old Operating System :) 

Great at Action

At GFI, we constantly reinforce "The Learners don't Grow. The Action Takers will Grow". Learning without action is like a warm water bath. The effect goes away if we don't act upon what we learn. GFI members are the best Action Takers in the Business World!

Great at KPI

"There is no Growth without KPI". Every GFI member is empowered with world class insights to achieve Mastery in KPI Gamification. KPIGSI - "KPI Gamification for SMEs with Inclusive Approach" is the GFI's modern way to accelerate performance and bring growth driven team players to the lime light.

Great at Finance

GFI members don't just stop at looking at P&L. They have been equipped with tools and templates to much on the numbers and adapt modern growth hacks such as Membership Economy, Practical Cost Accounting, Business Operational and Success Plan and more.

Great at Marketing

Sales is the only activity that bring Revenue inside any Business. GFI members are not just trained to sell. They have been coached to Sell and grow like a pro with insights such as Sales Funnel, LTV, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Retention, Recurring Business with Customers, etc.

Great at HR

Employees are the greatest assets of any Business. The three challenges for any Entrepreneur are 1.Train existing talents, 2.Retain the trained talents, 3.Train new Talents. At GFI extensive support is provided for members so they can prepare them for all these challenges and build a business with great winning culture.

Great at Accountability

There is no Organisation like GFI in the whole wide world. At GFI, we practice accountability between members to ensure the learning are converted into action and it is eventually translated into RESULTS. Members extend their support in form of knowledge sharing and leading as an example in implementing the proven methods that are shared.


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